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It is all about timing. After spending quite some time with customers and other market players, the conclusion is that we are in the right place, at the right time. The trend is obvious; there is a sense of urgency in the air. Stricter regulations call for drastic measures and awareness drives opinions, politics, resources, and investments. What if there was a solution available already today?

When dealing with COVID-19 the world showed determination and quick behaviour change. Talking about climate change we need the same sense of urgency and make the same effort for a sustainable society. The world thinks that the politicians and large energy companies will do the right thing and solve these climate change problems. We believe instead that the problems will be solved by green entrepreneurs and normal people that together wants to be part of the solution. We will provide them with the right tools; new systems and solutions, as well as collaboration between fast-acting innovative companies’ hand in hand with regulatory authorities.

We know we have the solution, and we call it Energy Clubs. Energy Clubs are virtual networks of local energy communities, existing behind the electricity meter creating an entirely new energy trading- and infrastructure close to where the production is. This network is run by committed people who want to be a part of the solution and are willing to walk the talk. With Energy Clubs, the members of each energy community can produce clean energy for their self-consumption but also share the energy virtually and physically with neighbors and other like-minded people.

Supergrid, with our Energy Clubs, is a one-stop shop digital energy company – making green energy accessible for everyone through locally produced energy. By enabling citizens to produce, consume, share, and sell energy – everyone can be part of the green transition.

Together towards a greener future.


Supergrid’s vision is to become a global supplier of services providing renewable energy. Our platform will be industry standard for establishing sustainable alternatives to the way energy is currently being produced and consumed.


Supergrid’s mission is to launch a new 100% green marketplace for energy trading and balancing services by connecting Supergrid Energy Clubs in three geographical steps – the Nordics, Europe, and globally. We will pave the way for a broad and sustainable development of the future energy sector.

Our Team We're all about great people and great teamwork.

Fredrik Billing

CEO and Cofounder

Tore Stenbock

CTO and Cofounder

Erik Granholm

Interim CMO

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Supergird enables the sustainable future by making green renewable energy available for everyone. Contact us to learn more and how YOU can get started.